Prayer Groups

A number of FFM prayer groups have been established and meet at regular intervals in Philadelphia, Chicago, Toronto, and other areas. More groups are encouraged. Contact us for guidelines, etc.

Prayer News Bulletin

The bulletin is issued three times a year and covers the world. As a daily guide it encourages and informs those praying for all Christian witness among Muslims. The bulletin goes out as a booklet by regular mail, or by email, to prayer partners in Canada, the U.S.A., and about 40 other countries. A $10 donation each year is suggested. Contact us for further information if interested.

"May FFM be used as never before. Prayer is greater than any other factor in meeting the need of the hour." Missionary.

Muslim Friendship Ministries

Muslim Friendship Ministries Brochure (200 kb)
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Muslim Friendship Ministries proclaims God's salvation through Jesus the Messiah among Muslims in the Greater Toronto Area by:

  • Awakening interest and concern in Christians and Christian institutions for their Muslim neighbours.
  • Sharing our media resources.
  • Training Christians for ministry locally and abroad.
  • Serving as resource personnel for Christians involved in any form of Muslim encounter.
  • Developing and strengthening prayer support.

Muslim Friendship Ministries began in October 1979, when a few Christians in Toronto, all of them with experience in overseas ministry, met to consider how Toronto's Christian community might witness more effectively among the city's growing Muslim population. The group has grown in numbers as the need has become more evident.

MFM conducted its first Muslim Presence Seminar in June 1980. This city-wide, three-day seminar was attended by about 60 participants. Since then, a growing number of congregations have hosted missionary conferences and other services. As well, week-long Bible college seminars, which can be taken for academic credit, have proved successful. Various meetings have also been held at several colleges and universities.

Each member of MFM is actively engaged in personal witness to Muslims. As a group we have also co-operated in ministry among Muslims in the Greater Toronto Area.

MFM is aware that its task has just begun. It plans to continue its present programs and to seek more ways for outreach to Muslims. At the same time, it encourages other centres where there is a significant Muslim presence to initiate a similar ministry.