30 Days of Ramadan, May 27 - June 25/17

Are you one of the thousands of prayer partners now using the classic 30 Days Bulletins? This year FFM distributed almost 7000 hard copies across Canada. Muslims seek for blessing from God and revelations, esp. during the month of Ramadan. It's exciting to know that around the world there may be millions of Christians now lifting Muslims up to Christ in prayer!

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The Lord bless and encourage us all in our praying!



Understanding some Muslim misunderstandings

What are the most common Muslim misperceptions of what Christians believe? This little 16 page classic is now back in print. It covers 6 of the key questions posed by Muslims to their Christian friends and gives the beginnings of an answer to each. Over 30,000 copies in print. $1 per copy, plus postage.

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FFM wants to help Christians like you understand Muslims, pray for them, and relate God's love to them effectively.


Prayer Groups

A number of FFM prayer groups have been established and meet at regular intervals in Philadelphia, Chicago, Toronto, and other areas. More groups are encouraged. Contact us for guidelines, etc.


Prayer News Bulletin

The bulletin is issued three times a year and covers the world. As a daily guide, it encourages and informs those praying for all Christian witness among Muslims. The bulletin goes out as a booklet by regular mail, or by email, to prayer partners in Canada, the U.S.A., and about 40 other countries. A $10 donation each year is suggested. Contact us for further information if interested.

"May FFM be used as never before. Prayer is greater than any other factor in meeting the need of the hour." Missionary.

Muslim Presence Seminars and MFM

An FFM committee, Muslim Friendship Ministries, undertakes and assists in local outreach. In seminaries, churches and Sunday Schools, MFM provides teaching on understanding Islam and witness among Muslims.

We have regular meetings in Toronto and invite you to join us and learn more! Again, contact us for further information if interested.


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The Raymond Joyce Memorial Library

Over 3000 books and booklets on witness to Muslims, doctrines and history of Islam, etc. are available on a reference basis to the general Christian public. In some instances books may be borrowed by those involved in ministry. Request access to the library via the FFM office. You can also download a PDF directory of all our titles.

Online Article Collection

We have a large Literature Resource Pool from which we are continuously posting articles here on our website. These include English correspondence courses (mostly manuscript and prepared for Muslims), radio scripts, and older collections. Go to Articles


Large Selection of Items For Sale

FFM provides many books and other materials for sale at non-profit prices.


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Featured Book

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Engaging Islamic Traditions

The Hadith may hold the key to reaching Muslims with the good news of Jesus Christ. In this book, the earliest traditions of Islam are assessed from a biblical perspective providing potential springboard for Christian truths to emerge.


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