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30 Days of Ramadan, May 27 - June 25/17

Are you one of the thousands of prayer partners now using the classic 30 Days Bulletins? This year FFM distributed almost 7000 hard copies across Canada. Muslims seek for blessing from God and revelations, esp. during the month of Ramadan. It's exciting to know that around the world there may be millions of Christians now lifting Muslims up to Christ in prayer!

Didn't receive a copy of the 30 Days prayer guide? For online access, try: http://30daysprayer.com/

The Lord bless and encourage us all in our praying!



Understanding some Muslim misunderstandings

What are the most common Muslim misperceptions of what Christians believe? This little 16 page classic is now back in print. It covers 6 of the key questions posed by Muslims to their Christian friends and gives the beginnings of an answer to each. Over 30,000 copies in print. $1 per copy, plus postage.



Christian witness among Muslims

available again, at last!


40 years ago, Christian witness among Muslims was published in Africa. After many revisions and translations, it is again back in print in a new North American edition.  FFM is

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Uyghur Scriptures Available

FFM is now able to supply (in hardcover, Arabic or Cyrillic script) the New Testament, plus Genesis & Exodus in Uyghur. $15 per copy, plus shipping.



Community of FFM Prayer Partners Grows

Over the past 2 years, FFM has added to our prayer bulletin versions. As well as English and Spanish, we now offer Portuguese, French and Korean translations through the post or by e-mail, and Chinese via the internet.

As of this prayer bulletin run (April - July '09), we offer a Large Print version by post. Contact us to inquire further about becoming a partner and lifting Muslims up to Christ in prayer!




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